Looking forward to election day, many religious voters are concerned about the presidential election this year. Mike Huckabee, an ordained Christian minister stated Joe Biden is not an option for the religious voters in 2020 as Fox News stated. 

Huckabee told "Fox & Friends Weekend,' "these are areas where if the government and society as a whole doesn't want to embrace a biblical standard, Christians just want to be left the heck alone. We don't want someone to impose a very secular leftist standard on the church." 

Mike Huckabee warns believers and says it's Biden's direction for the country is a wake up call.

"If Joe Biden gets elected, it's going to be unlike anybody democrats you've ever seen before."

According to Fox News, Biden, a practicing Roman Catholic, who supports abortion, and Islamic religious activities, has become something of the poster child for the Democratic Party which seems to be slowly moving towards to a more secular stance on these matters, leaving religious voters concerned and afraid. 

Meanwhile, Huckabee praised Trump for being a "champion for religious liberty," contrasting him to Biden, who he called "a champion for the left."

"This is where leftists are trying to gin up this idea that somehow, Joe Biden is appealing to people of faith. That's utter nonsense. I don't know of anybody, people of faith, who think Joe Biden is a great choice."

Some make comments on Twitter as they believe the democracy is leaning towards Biden's idea, religious activities, or his actions.

"Donald Trump is the only president in our history to have tear-gassed peaceful Americans and thrown a priest out of her church just so he could profane it -- and a Bible -- for his own cynical optics as he sought to tear our nation apart at a moment of crisis and pain."

One twitter user lamented.

Huckabee ended the interview with Fox News by saying 

"some of them aren't happy with everything Donald Trump says or tweets" but I tell you, they're not going to go with Biden. That's not an option."