Vice President Mike Pence warned of the potential Biden presidency at a Susan B. Anthony List event at Starkey Road Baptist Church of Seminole, Florida on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

At the event sponsored by pro-life group Susana B Anthony, Pence warned pro-life activists that the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate will trample on their rights. Pence also toured the pro-life pregnancy center called A Woman's Place Medical Clinic in Pinellas Park and shared a speech outlining various pro-life agenda items that President Donald Trump had accomplished.

"It would be just after we were in office a few days that the president reinstituted the Mexico City Policy, making sure no taxpayer dollars would ever go to promote or provide abortion around the world, and then he expanded it a year later."

"Trump became the first president in American history to address the March for Life in person on the National Mall. In our first year in office, the president took executive action to end the assault on the conscience rights of a group of nuns, known as the Little Sisters of the Poor."

Pence proceeded to make a comment about the running presidential candidate, Joe Biden, warning that if Biden were elected president, he "would take America in the opposite direction" and would curb the liberties of pro-life activists.

"Make no mistake about it: Joe Biden would appoint activist judges to our courts who would legislate from the bench and trample, trample on our most cherished liberties," Pence continued.

"Now more than ever, pro-life Americans need to let our voice be heard and stand for life. ... This is no time to be silent. And make no mistake about it, the radical left wants to silence pro-life Americans."

Pence continued his proposal aimed at informing voters about the differences between Trump and Biden on the abortion issue and argued the radical left celebrates abortion but would prosecute those who stand for life. 

"I want to make you a promise: this president, this vice president and this administration will always stand up for the freedom of speech of every American, and we will always stand for life," Pence concluded hoping to win the pro-life votes for the Republican presidential campaign."