North Korea State News released new photos of Kim Jung Un in a coma. The report states Kim Jung Un has been in a coma for months and ceded power to his sister, Kim yo Jong. 

There have been many concerns and discussions about Kim Yo Jung leading North Korea which can be worse than before. 

On the other hand, the meeting discussed state emergency measures on preventing safety measures believing COVID-19 has spread in North Korea.  

North Korea hasn't reported any confirmed cases of COVID-19 but Kim said last month that the virus "could be said to have entered" the country and issued a lockdown after a man was reported to have symptoms. 

According to the UK's Sun, the former aide stated Kim fell into a coma months ago and that his subsequent appearances were recorded previously. The South Korean media added Kim Yo Jong was poised to help lead the country if Kim Jung Un's health conditions don't ameliorate. 

"I assess him to be in a coma, but his life has not ended." 

Speculation has long swirled about Kim's health along with the coma from following months ago. According to the report, the photos appear to show a healthy-looking Kim leading a meeting on Tuesday of the politburo of the Workers Party to call for prevention efforts against the coronavirus according to the Korean Central News Agency. As of today, the images aren't independently verified.