On Monday, Israeli archaeologists digging near the city of Yavne unearthed an ancient trove of Gold.  

425 fully intact gold Islamic coins were discovered, along with many other fragments of seemingly different coin denominations.  The pieces were recovered by a group of youth volunteer archaeologists, and approved by Robert Kool, an antiquity coin expert.  

Upon initial review, Kool believes the coins to originate from the late 9th century of the Abbasid Caliphate.  This Caliphate was the third successor of the Islamic Prophet known as Muhammed, and was often praised as the Islamic Golden Age in which the Muslim world was seen as a center of science, philophy and literature.  As Kool stated, it was a period for which "we still know very little," and thus this exceedingly rare find sparks a hope of potential for many new discoveries of the ancient Islamic world.