J.D Greear discusses the ache of loneliness in humanity.

Explaining why Christians don't date non-Christians, J.D Greear reminds individuals that communication is the key to a relationship. According to Greear, Christians view their dating and marriage status differently from non-believers. 

"You should be dating to find your partner for marriage and life. For a marriage to truly work, you have to open up and share the deepest parts of yourself. If you are committed to Jesus and your partner is not when you open up this part of your life to them, they're not going to understand it, and you will feel violated."

Greear went onto say of the importance for couples to connect and share their beliefs.

"When you are married to someone who does not share your same fundamental beliefs, then your life is going to feel like two people rowing on opposite ends of a boat in different directions, pulling two different ways. This will apply in making decisions, managing money, raising children in every area of your life together and it will leave you constantly misunderstood and at odds." 

Greear explains understanding the friendship is God's purpose and there is no better time to lay a strong foundation for the marriage. He talks about how God's creation, man and a woman, were made for companions. The two should connect by sharing the deepest commitments, understanding one another, becoming an equal being, and lastly who can be your friends. 

"God created us in His image, and God exists eternally as a Trinity in the community with his equals."

"God created for Adam a companion, his equal, just of the opposite gender. And if that blows your mind a little bit, you're probably starting to get it. The woman was created to be Adam's companion and friend."

Lastly, if friendship is the purpose of marriage, that has massive implications for dating to have this as the basis of a relationship.