On Tuesday, Cissie Graham Lynch, Granddaughter of the late world renowned evangelist Billy Graham, spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention about faith and religious freedom.  In her speech, Lynch urged voters of faith to re-elect Donald Trump for President, exclaiming that Trump was a "fierce advocate" for people of faith and reminding the Convention that the President had addressed the importance of religious freedom at the United Nations the previous year.

Lynch also made sure to include that the Democratic National Convention "has removed God."  She explained that under the Obama-Biden administration, religious freedoms were under attack, and thus the Biden-Harris administration would continue to do so, "leaving no room for people of faith."  

In an interview with Fox news about her speech, Lynch stated that "For Christians under Obama-Biden, the floodgates of persecution were opened up," but that the "RNC is not ashamed of God, but that our faith is mean to be heard all throughout our lives, and especially in the public square."  

Lynch addressed this opinion in her speech as well, saying that the founding fathers of America had "fought to ensure that the voices of faith were always welcomed."  Lynch would leave the Convention with a final message that the DNC "will force the choice between being obedient to God or to Cesar... Because the radical left's God is government power. So in the words of my grandfather Billy Graham, let us stand for political freedom, moral freedom, religious freedom, and the rights of all Americans, and let's never give in to those who would attempt to take it from us."