In May, Dr. Peter Phillips and Digital Theology have studied and specialized research centered on the study of digital religion. 

Researchers at Durham University stated the population has engaged with faith digitally during the lockdown. According to the report by Durham University, the UK adults focus on prayer, meditation, corporate or organized worship, reflection on nature, choir, and yoga.  

The Christian Post stated, "In July, over a quarter of respondents (26%) said they had taken part in regular online worship - regular being defined as participating at least once a month - a figure that rose to three in 10 (29%) in August despite churches being allowed to re-open."

The percentage shows the younger generations aged middle from 18-34 regularly attended online service even after the indoor service reopened starting in August. 

Many Christians state they have been engaging with the church community as they are committed to weekly digital services. However, the University compares and contrasts the engagement between in-person worship and online service. The Christian community believes, due to the digital service, there is a lack of interaction with all faith-related activities.