Pastor Tim Keller has stated that there is progress on his ongoing fight with cancer. In doing so, he also expressed his dependence on God during this time.

After finishing his sixth round of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer he tweeted his thanks to followers and friends for their prayers and asked for continuous support in hopes of the treatment and minimal side effects.

Tim Keller is a retired pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church as well as the co-founder of The Gospel Coalition. He is also a second time cancer patient after surviving thyroid cancer in 2002.

Through his latest work, Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a World of Difference, he addressed the way modern day Christians should approach the world around them. Keller also conveyed his opinions on the recent pandemic stating that although he is unsure of God's intention, the real test for the religion will be presented in the months to come.

Pastor Keller also voiced his opinion on the state of Christianity throughout American history. For secularists, he stated that they tend to oppose the idea of positive contributions that Christianity has had on our society while the conservatives have ignored the past evils in our history.

He concludes by saying, "It was influenced by Christianity, but was it really that Christian? We had slavery, segregation, we mistreated people - as a society we've done a lot of things wrong. Modern conservative evangelicals don't want to admit how flawed our past American society had been."