Christians living in countries in which they are the minority are being denied potentially life saving government aid.  

In the countries of India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the Gulf Region, starving Christians are being ostracized by their community and refused any of the aid that the government is providing.  

David Curry, CEO of Open Doors has stated that the Coronavirus pandemic has served as a "catalyst for faith-based discrimination internationally."  Village and community leaders receive support packages from the government, and choose to distribute to all but religious minorities such as Christians, oftentimes even using it as a source of blackmail to attempt to revert Christians to their former religions.  

Open Doors is doing its best to support Christians around the world through their local teams and partner networks.  They are currently working to bring aid to approximately 9,000 families in need across the globe, and have a goal to help an additional 25,000 to 50,000 families in the next few months. 

The Open Doors' East Africa director, explained the great importance of bringing life changing aid to believers in need: "If the persecuted church is not strengthened and supported at this time, then the enemy will not sleep to dismantle and take advantage against believers ... For many new, weak and troubled believers, it would be difficult to stand strong."