China Aid announced from August 20 to September 20,  they will conduct a month-long investigation to crack down on illegal religious activities in China. The notice was sent out by the Xinyang City Gushi County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau. 

The Chinese bureau set a reward of 500 CNY (72 USD) for anyone who reports people attending illegal religious activities. It is reported that The Bureau even provided a hotline for people to report, submit videos, recordings, or pictures. 

The media reported that the Department of Ethnic and Religious Affairs in Guangzhou is encouraging citizens to lodge complaints on rules to encourage people to denounce fellow citizens against the communist party rule.  

Reporting religious groups and targeting Christianity, the house churches and the underground religious communities are now in serious danger. The magazine called Bitter Winter stated, "focusing on religious restrictions in China reported that the reward system will inhibit religious gatherings and preaching of the Gospel as Christians would fear arrest at any time.