An unbelievable hurricane struck down homes in Louisiana, killing at least six people from the falling trees. The National Hurricane Center reported the Laura slammed the border of the coast with winds of 150 mph at 1:00 a.m.

Forecast reporters have warned residents that the storm surge would be 'unsurvivable'.  Louisiana Gov. John bel Edwards and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said search and rescue teams were looking for victims but so far have found no reports yet. A 14-year-old young girl identified as, Cynthia Miller, was one of the 6 who was killed from the devastating hurricane incident. 

Cynthia's sister stated, "She was really smart. She wanted to go to Harvard and be a microbiologist. It was scary, dark. It was terrifying. We went to ride out the storm in our parents' room. And everyone was sitting there and the tree, it came down. I walked and tried to find Cindy cause she wasn't talking. I tried to wake her up and she wouldn't wake up."

According to CBS News, Cynthia was pinned and help was unavailable. The 2-mile stretch of road to their house was covered in trees. The sheriffs spent more than 5 hours evacuating themselves to figure out a pathway. 

"The Milles don't have much money, but in their corner of this bayou, they had family and a dream now shattered."