The Refuge Baptist Church in Lake City was completely demolished from the tornado which occurred on Thursday night in Arkansas. Luckily no one was injured inside the church and the pastor who lives next door confirmed he is safe at the moment. 

Although the church was in serious damage and loss, The Refuge Church stated, "God is going to take the messy and make it beautiful! We love you!"  According to Pastor Steve Hinkle from The Refuge Church, the church was hit by a tornado in 1984 also. 

Pastor Steve stated, "What breaks my heart the most is the congregants that are going through this a second time, seeing them cry last night and those who are pulling in this morning and looking at it. It's just a building. We're God's people and he protected us."

The wife and the kids exclaim, "we could feel the shaking, we heard the tornado. Scary, but it happened so quickly it was almost surreal.  The sudden tornado incident has shocked many residents however there are no serious injuries reported. The Refuge Church updated on Facebook, "I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing from many of you this morning. (Watch us on live through Facebook) Going through a storm? God has an amazing plan and it might surprise you. Be prepared to hear!"