Franklin Graham said the Democratic Party is 'opposed to faith' and warns that the left will 'close the church down in many places.' 

Graham stated the nation will face socialism and reminds believers, 'the only hope for this country is God.' 

"The Democrats, if anything, they are opposed to faith. The Democrats have taken God pretty much out of government." 

"The government will begin to tell the church how it can be the church and they will close the church down in many places. We see right now because of COVID, the government trying to tell the church that they can not meet and the constitution gives us that freedom to do that. But because of the void, they said we can't meet." 

Graham stated God might've brought Donald Trump this season for a good reason. He explains, "I am just asking that God would spare this country, for another four years, to give us a little bit more time to do the work before the storm hits. I believe the storm is coming." 

Franklin Graham expressed a powerful message among believers to be prepared for an upcoming storm. According to his recent post on Facebook, Christians are being attacked spiritually physically and churches are facing hatred towards people of faith. Graham is also holding another national prayer walk in D.C end of September for the nation's disaster. 

"Jesus said, yes, you will be hated by all people because of me. If we are going to stand for the name of Chris, the world will hate us." 

Previously, Franklin Graham discussed the absence of God, and soon as Kamala Harris was announced to be Biden's running mate, Graham called it 'the most pro-abortion presidential ticket in the history of our nation.'