Throughout the pandemic, Chinese Authorities have been removing crosses and demolishing churches. 

Over the years, many underground churches and secret believers faced hardship and legal actions for providing illegal services. The Chinese Communist Party even offered money to anyone who reports illegal activities targeting most Christians. Chinese believers claim over 50 kilograms of printed material was removed from the church and they were told that the literature must be 'burned to prevent it from being used.' 

It is stated that Christian literature is 'made' to conceal their efforts under the guise of saving its citizens from 'pornographic and harmful' books. According to Doors of Hope, provincial and municipal governments have begun to remove all publications from state-run churches that are not officially approved by the state since April. 

"Only bibles and hymn books published by one of the two state-run organizations were allowed to remain in the church."

Chinese authorities have been burning down bibles and literature related to Christianity. However, to this day, it is announced that religious books are published without the state's permission.  An anonymous source within the Religious Affairs Bureau was quoted as saying that "Even materials printed for personal use are purged. It is even illegal to print out unofficial Bibles downloaded from the internet." 

Experiencing how strict the CCP can be, many Chinese believers are more afraid than before. It is believed that most legal churches in the country have 'illegal' publications. Chinese Officials have also threatened churches that continue to publish or acquire non-government-sanctioned literature, will face serious legal-action.