In response to the recent LGBT related protests in Warsaw Poland, Polish bishops addressed the following matter by calling upon members of the Catholic faith to show their respect for the cultural movement. 

In addition, the members of the clergy also stated that Catholics should resist the social movement as it is considered a conflicting belief to church teachings. The church also released a document on August 28th stating, "The church is not afraid to proclaim the duty of respect for everyone's personal dignity, including those linked to LGBT+. For the same reasons, however, it must also show reserve and, in some cases, clear opposition to gender ideology and forms of activism by LGBT movements which negate the truth about humanity, as well as to their social projects and declared aims,"

Although the Catholic Church included that it was open to dialogue with "every person of goodwill who seeks the truth", this did not mean an acceptance to LGBT views or an ignorance of church teachings regarding gender ideology.

The document issued by the church also included that it would support the clinics for the LGBT community for individuals who might encounter "hardship, suffering and spiritual breakdown," and for those who hoped, "to regain their sexual health and natural sexual orientation." 

It also went on to condemn acts of aggression and violence against LGBT people. The document was published after the August 27-29th plenary at the Jasna Gora national sanctuary. During the meeting, the Polish bishops added on to the topic with a commitment to helping abuse victims and uncovering neglect by clergy members.