in his personal blog, Andy Hunter, FIEC's Scotland & North of England Director, talks about changes to churches that have come since the  the pandemic, arguing that "many churches will survive 2020 by 'the skin of their teeth'."

Although the coronavirus pandemic has affected the church's ministry to meet the "drastic change," Hunter says that the mission of the church hasn't changed. "Circumstances may change but the call to make disciples is constant."

The blog also covers the "new and exciting opportunities" the pandemic introduced to churches and Christians.

"Over the past few months, new doors have opened for churches and Christians to serve and connect with their communities. People have come to faith through volunteering in church-run social care activities. There is some evidence of a new openness to the gospel with people joining online courses to ask big questions about life. Local agencies and politicians have appreciated the work and prayers of churches for them and Scottish communities."

Hunter questions what "radical steps" churches could have gone through to avoid closure, if the pandemic was devastating or if the "severe restrictions" had gone on, to his readers in his blog. Hunter then talks about a need for the church "to consider new partnerships, investing in future leadership, and reconnecting with their communities."

"There are, of course, no easy options or fixes but not to do anything and just hope that something will turn up is not the lesson to take from 2020."