Pop singer Justin Bieber just announced that money or fame wasn't the key to success. Bieber truly believes relationships with others and a connection is far more important than anything else. 

"I truly desire healthy relationships. I want to be motivated by truth and love. I want to be aware of my blind spots and learn from them!

Bieber stated he learned from his mistakes as he was a teenager. As a young boy, he stated there were doubts and 'intentions' where he was insecure and frustrated in the spotlight as his values slowly started to change.

Bieber admits that he had the wrong vision of Jesus from directly viewing Christians who were hypocrites. But as time went on, he realized forgiveness occurs from repentance.  "Jesus wasn't this religious elite guy but he was in the dirt, and he found me in my dirt and pulled me out." 

Bieber went on to share a story on Instagram to encourage fans that there is a tomorrow where you can freshly restart. 

"This morning is another fresh start. Another opportunity to forgive, encourage, inspire, and lead by example. None of us is perfect but God uses average ordinary people like us to do great things." 

He engages with many non-beliebers through social media as he maintains millions of followers. Bieber expressed his desire for God and is continuing to work on giving up on his selfishness.