On Tuesday, China and India assumed each country was firing shots along their disputed border. 

Historically, the two countries have fought, like In 1962 when India suffered a humiliating defeat. In recent months, the two countries' relationship has deteriorated. China stated the Indian troops illegally crossed the Himalayan border and fired shots at the patrol. According to the Chinese military, 'Indian troops took the step of firing warning shots.' The statement revealed China 'intimidated the Indian troops' instead of starting the fight. 

India rejected the allegations and said the PLA had tried to approach India's borderline and 'fired a few rounds in the air for warning.' 

The Senior colonel, Zhang Shuili stated the Indian troops had "illegally crossed the line near the South Bank of Pangong Tso Laker and believes India has seriously violated the 'agreement' from both sides."

India also added they would not start firing for no reason as they were 'committed to maintaining the peace.' 

Starting in May, the two countries have been emotionally dispersed. Fox News reported the two countries have been engaged in a tense standoff in the Ladakh region for decades.