The organization, "Let Us Worship" was led in many cities by a Worship leader, Sean Feucht. Feucht and his worship team planned to bring worship service in Seattle as they went around cities for revival. 

Throughout the pandemic, Sean and his team made great effects in the cities starting from Huntington Beach. However, Sean Feucht stated the city shut down the Gas Park located in Seattle where the event was supposed to be held. Feucht appeared on Fox News as he stated the policemen focused their energy on the peaceful worship and prayer rally in Gas Works Parks instead of the riots. 

The park was closed after the police barricaded Christians away from gathering to worship. Sean and his teammates stated on Instagram the riots were throwing, burning, and vandalizing objects causing more damage than his worship with the believers ever could. Speaking to Fox News he said, "It was obviously a targeting and discrimination towards believers in the city. There is just a bias. You know it is the height of hypocrisy right now that they're letting these cities succumb to rioting and burning and pillaging and yet they are targeting Christians." 

"I felt like the Lord said, 'Focus on your nation for the sake of your children,' you know, fight for America and so that's what we've been doing." 

Sean Feucht shares a post from Franklin Graham: "Thank you Sean Feucht for your bold stand."

Todd Starnes also shares on Twitter, "Seattle shut down a city park just before a Christian worship rally. So thousands of Christians relocated to the streets and called it a "worship protest." 

Lastly, Sean encourages many believers to fight for this season. 

"I am daily encouraged by those fighting for us and with us in this season. God has been so kind."