Christian persecution is ever increasesing in Pakistan. 

Without evidence, the authorities have power over many Christians who faced death and traumatizing physical beatings. International Christian Concern (ICC) reported a 37-year old Pakistani Christian has been sentenced to death for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages in 2013. 

Under Pakistani law, Asif Pervaiz was sentenced to death with no evidence even after being represented in court with an attorney. The Court made an accusation against Pervaiz from more than 7 years ago as Pervaiz wasn't aware of the charges. International Christian Concern reported the police arrested his relatives including two brothers-in-law, and his mother, Naseem Akhtar. The police reported to Akhtar if she doesn't help them locate Pervaiz properly, he will be killed.  

Currently, in Pakistan, there are well over 25 believers who were arrested and detained for believing in Christ. For any small problems, police often take away the brothers and sister's family members one by one. 

"Akhtar led the police to the home of Waseem Anway, Pervaiz's brother. There, police beat Waseem until he was confessed to knowing where Pervaiz was hidden. According to Khokar, Pervaiz was converted to Islam which Pervaiz strongly refused to be." (ICC)

The death sentence motivated violence against minority communities as Christians will face more accusations and extreme violence by following Jesus.