Evangelist pastor, J.D Greear, shared about the truth behind fearing satan and how to overcome him and his fallen angels. 

Throughout the pandemic, Greear compared and contrasted believers who are either warriors or who need awakening. He explained that Christians aren't aware of lions that are close by roaring into the world. 

"They know not to run either at or away from a lion. Instead, the warriors form a group and start making noise to agitate the lion. Then, when the lion attracts, they band together."

Greear said some believers may not recognize Satan roaring into their lives as he shared a Powerful message for awakening in 2020 and proves Jesus is stronger than Satan. 

"There tend to be two modes of a lion: "Stealth when they are hunting their prey and roar when they have them Lions only roar when they feel like they have won. Peter says we can hear Satan roaring in every part of the world. If you can't hear him roaring in your life, it's because he's in stealth mode." 

According to J.D Greear, Peter minds believers to 'stay alert!' expressing the two meanings of 'sober' in the world. 

"Don't be drunk. Peter issues this warning three times throughout his letter, and that is not accidental. Many people under stress and in hard times drown their problems in alcohol, but you cannot afford to do that when there is an enemy always at work trying to destroy you."

"Christians make two primary mistakes in regard to Satan: Some people give Satan too much credit, where they blame him for any sin in their life. On the other side, and perhaps even more problematic, are those who don't recognize satan at all." 

Greear also compares and contrasts the percentage of people who are being attacked by a shark which are one in 3.7 million, grizzly bear attacks which are 2.1 million with a supernatural lion that is one out of one chance to be attacked and yet we live unaware on this planet. 

Jesus defeated Satan as it states in Revelation 20:9 which informs believers the final battle between Satan and Jesus was over. 

Greear reminds Christians to pray frequently and to walk in step with God because there is a full life with Jesus, what we call 'eternal life.' Together as Christians, brothers and sisters can join to thrive together for victory.