John MacArthur's Grace Community Church in Sun Valley was once again notified to wear masks and conduct proper in-person service social distancing.  Although most believers stated they recommended online service due to the state orders, the church has been holding in-person service for about 2 months.

MacArthur and his church have been in a continual battle against what he claims are unconstitutional treatment towards churches, while the Governor Nosom encourages others to gather for protests, ignoring the same rules he's trying to enforce on believers.

On September 10th, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted the county's request for an injunction prohibiting the Church from following specific health guidelines. Judge Mitchell Beckloff informed that Grace Community Church violated the county's health orders. The church communities state they will continue to limit in-person worship during the pandemic as they are yet concerned with a spiritual battle. To protect worshippers in a safe environment, the judge granted a statement notifying the church leaders that they must start working outside with physical distancing and masks. 

Pastor John MacArthur continued to hold indoor worship and said 'its nationally watched battle over coronavirus restriction.' 

According to Los Angeles Daily News, the church and Los Angeles County filed lawsuits as the church wanted to maintain its right to gather as a congregation indoors. However, on Saturday, the California Second District Court of Appeal issued an emergency order overturning the trial court decision.  

'Due to the safety measures of the state law, John MacArthur's Grace Community Church in Sun Valley is now only allowed to hold outdoor services with correct safety measures including, social distances, masks, and temperature checked to gather.