A Florida State University Student has filed a lawsuit against the school's leadership and the school's government. 

Student Jack Denton, stated his school didn't properly respect his 'freedom of speech' and his religious background. Jack was removed from his position of leadership for remarks he made about the Black Lives Matter Movement in June. Jack is now asking the court to order his reinstatement, compensation, and the expungement of all records relating to the Senate's retaliatory and discriminatory actions against him. 

Alliance defending Freedom lawyer, Tyson Langhofer issued a statment, "All students should be able to peacefully share their personal convictions without fear of retaliation."  "While FSU students claim they're creating a 'safe space' as the school tried to cancel Jack's freedoms and discriminate against him because they don't like his beliefs."

Jack Denton also wrote 'BlackLivesMatter.com' fosters affirms queer networks and defends transgenderism. Just like Pat Robertson, Jack Denton claims the 'BLM' movement is Anti-catholic according to the conversation provided by the ADF. Jack re-issued the matter and stated, "If I stay silent while my brothers and sisters may be supporting an organization that promotes grave evils, I have sinned through my silence." 

ADF protected Jack with all costs as they defended him for freedom.