America's oldest WW2 veteran, Lawrence Brooks celebrates his 111th birthday on Saturday. 

Brooks was born in September. 12 1909, and served in the predominantly African-American 91st Engineer Battalion according to the museum who reported. Brooks was a private first class and was a servant to three white officers in his battalion. The military veterans were highly honored to serve and celebrate Brook's special day as Brooks watched from his porch of World War 2-era aircraft that flew in formation over his neighborhood. 

The media reported Brooks received cupcakes, musical serenades, numerous kisses, and was treated with special care. The National WW2 shared, "Happy 111th Birthday to MR. Lawrence Brooks of New Orleans, LA! While we weren't able to have our usual birthday party at the Museum this year, we are able to host a socially distanced celebration that he could view safely from his porch."

Mark T. Esper also shared on Twitter, "Happy 111th birthday to our oldest living WW2 veteran, Lawrence Brooks. I salute your service and your lifetime of determination."

Moments after the celebration, Brooks thanked the veterans, museums, and others who participated. "God bless all of you. Every one of you."