Worshippers gathered for Calvary Chapel Church's Baptism and professed their faith in Jesus and were baptized on Sept. 12th at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Orange County. Nearly 1,000 people attended the Baptism from the Church. Calvary Chapel Church's Baptism is held annually every year. 

Gina Gleason, a Calvary Chapel Church Director informed CBN News, "California may be experiencing a spiritual revival" and Jack Hibbs, Pastor of the church described the baptism as "our biggest to date."  Full of joy and excitement, the group Satrate OC held a 'powerful worship session on the beach' every Friday night. Allowing all nonbelievers in attendance to hear the gospel. On this night many were 'filled with the Holy Spirit and set free.'Sean Feucht mentioned that worship was a 'return back to a gritty, raw Gospel, Jesus people movement foundation. "A lot of that is in part because we can't be in our churches. We are kind of forced to be outside of our buildings and forced to be innovative and creative and come up with alternate solutions."

Throughout the event, Pastor Hibbs opened up about emotional, physical, and spiritual healings. On Saturday, Hibbs also created a social media event called, "Come Back California." Hibbs mentioned people in California are in need of a revival as he stated on Facebook, "We will be crying out to God for the healing of California."

According to the Calvary Chapel, the streamers online prayed for 'purity and holiness within the church and on Tuesday, attendees were asked to pray for 'our governor, state, and local leaders.' "This week we will pray against the sins and injustices of our nation, and for our president, national leaders, and the upcoming election."