North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara has announced they will no longer fight Santa Clara County and will hold services in the church parking lot.

Pastor Jack Trieber typically held in-person services with around 3,000 people before the pandemic. But since then, things have changed, and the attempt to hold onto services inside has racked up fines of $112,000 with no forgiveness of cuts. Trieber stated the local Covid-19 guidelines were not met correctly. On the other hand, ABC News reported the senators contacted him by providing his personal cell phone number to President Trump but Pastor  Trieber did not pursue connecting with the White House and chose to obey the county's directives. 

Instead of having negative feelings, the church plans to have an outdoor service with cars pulled up within the parking lot which as Trieber calls it a 'right decision.' "I don't wish anything evil to happen with authorities."The North Valley Baptist Church shared on Instagram: "Pastor Trieber will be discussing the 'cease and desist' order and the $10,000 in fines for meeting this past Sunday on the Todd Starnes radio program. Tune in at and on the Todd Starnes program.