After the court trials and connecting with President Donald Trump, there are still issues not yet solved within Grace Community Church. 

John MacArthur, the pastor of the Sun Valley Church just announced he will open a 'jail ministry' and will not follow the threats of the government against him. "I don't mind being a little apostolic, if they want to tuck me into jail, I'm open for a jail ministry. I've done a lot of other ministries and haven't had the opportunity to do that one. So bring it on!"

MacArthur revealed he has received a letter threatening up to six months jail of jail time if he continues holding indoor worship services at his church. MacArthur believes the church is being targeted on purpose and explained the Church will not comply with these orders. 

After holding another in-person service on Sunday, Pastor MacArthur exclaimed, "as a church, we have a moral and religious obligation to continue allowing our congregants to gather in our sanctuary to worship the Lord. So look at the person next to you and say, I don't know who you are but I'm so glad im sitting next to you."