San Fransico Catholic archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone stated churches have been criticized and mocked throughout the pandemic. 

The Bishop argues why indoor retail shops can open with reasonable capacity alterations, but houses of worship aren't able to gather together. Many Catholics in San Francisco believe there is discrimination against them, and the government has no right to dictate to the Church whether or not it may 'allow' worship or not. Currently, San Fransisco allows outdoor services with a maximum of 50 people or one person to be in a church at a time. 

The San Fransico archbishop mentioned, "Why can people shop at Nordstrom's at 25% capacity but one of you at a time is allowed to pray inside of this great Cathedral, your Cathedral? Is this equality? The City continues to place unrealistic and suffocating restrictions on our natural and constitutional right to worship. This willful discrimination is affecting us all."   

According to the report, Hotels in San Franciso are now fully opened as well as gyms with 10% capacity. Catholic Parishioners protested along the city hall for 'religious freedom' as they continue to believe the government's decision is unfair. "This is an overreach of the government into the life of the Church and an infringement of our right to worship as protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution." 

Archbishops believe Christians should be able to worship freely inside churches without having a problem. They mention they will continue to hold services with safety measures and follow the guidance of Pubilc Health. Knowing the pandemic has been affecting individuals, the church informed they are more aware than before.

During the protest, many are kneeled before God to ask for Freedom and changes within the community. Cordileone stated, "One person at a time in this great Cathedral to pray? What an insult. This is a mockery. They are mocking you, and even worse, they are mocking God!"