Along with the on-going protests amid the pandemic, protesters marched peacefully with masks on practicing social distancing. 

Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption on Gough Street claims indoor services must be open immediately compared with other retail shops that can open. More than 1,000 people gathered due to Churches being closed for about 6 months. San Francisco finds the discrimination among Churches unfair and violating the 'First Amendment.' 

Relating to the Mayor London Breed's announcement, "one person allowed to enter the church," Archbishop once again stated with frustration, "Does that make sense to you, one person indoors at a time in a church? Is there a rational basis? Nobody has given me a ration basis for that." "We're here serving our people. We want to be good neighbors and partners so I don't understand why they're imposing these restrictions on us."

In the midst of the protest, Archbishop, Cordileone prayed over the crowd and sang and discussed their demands, 'Jesus is Essential'. Vincent Desbieys, who drove down from Santa Clara joined the demonstration and announced, "We've been very patient and civilized, but now is time to open." Individuals compare and contrast between the difference of a church meeting and shopping at a retail store. 

John Cigavic, whose children are enrolled at the St. Cecilia School hoped the children don't get in-person socialization and fellowship confused. "I think it's obvious with this showing. People go to church for socialization, and they also go to church because that is where they send their kids to school. The kids need to go to school."