A young 11- year old girl, Abby Cavanaugh gave all of her hard-earned vacation money to Jesus. 

On September 15th, her vacation plans got canceled due to COVID so instead, she wanted to donate the money to the mission sending organization, International Mission Board, which is raising an estimated $4 million. Abby only carried $32.20 in her pocket which wasn't a lot but she reminded others that giving is more important than the cost. 

Knowing she can make a difference, she started an 'Abby Challenge' which drew many people to join the challenge of offering $32.20. A few moments later IMB President, Paul Chitwood and his daughters joined a video call with Abby to share some surprising news. According to Chitwood, Abby's challenge had raised $13,000 and was making a huge impact on behalf of the organization. Abby expressed how happy and encouraged she was from this experience and set the goal to $50,000. In response, many others including children were able to donate $32.20 or more to raise for the mission. 

Chitwood exclaimed to Abby, "They heard your story, and it inspired them, and they decided they wanted to be a part of what God is doing. We see now how he is multiplying it. It's a beautiful thing, and we know that people around the world will hear the Gospel because of your generosity. Abby responded, "Even if what you have to give is just really small, all you have to do is give it to Jesus. It's just your job to give then God will do the rest." 

Throughout this time, Abby reminded herself of a story of how Jesus fed the 5,000. Abby and her family members expressed an exciting moment as they received more than their original goal. Abby's dad stated it was a 'faith-building exercise for the family.'

Abby's Challenge goal: imb.org/abbyschallenge.

"It didn't seem like much-just $32.20-but it was all 11-year-old Abby had. The small stash represented six months of household chores and errands, not to mention the self-discipline needed to save instead of spending it on treats. She had planned to spend it during her family vacation, but instead, she wanted it to go toward helping IMB missionaries, like her family, continue to remain on the field during this time of crisis. Will you join her in her generosity?"