Chinese Authorities stated teachers who mention God or religion risk their employment. 

As many acknowledge, the Chinese Communist Party tends to be very strict especially with what teachers say or do in schools or universities. Teachers are observed in their classrooms by authorities who watch for 'reactionary thoughts' or 'improper remarks."  Because Schools in China are government-controlled, students were never taught about religion, democracy, or exposed to any criticism of the regime. According to Bitter Winter, teachers swear allegiance to the Communist Party as they are interviewed individually. 

One teacher commented that the Chinese Ministry of Education adopted opinions on building and improving a long-term effective mechanism for college teachers' ethics construction in 2016, demanding teaches, "not say or do anything against the Party line. She said, "we were observed during every class."

The government strongly believes religious teachers are hostile to the CCP even if they don't evangelize. "The CCP is afraid that they would integrate faith into teaching. That's why they strictly control teachers and want them to follow its ideological system and eventually become puppets that cannot think independently."