Christian persecution continues to increase worldwide, but many are still coming to the lord.

In Central Asia, the majority of people are Muslims. In this region, Christians live under persecution surrounded by Islam's dictatorship. Open Doors reported, 'Christians whose faith stands out more than usual during this time, God continues to work in people's hearts and bring them to Him.' Open Doors shared testimonies of Muslims who became Christian all from the glory of God. 

First, a former Muslim by the name of Roman expressed his devotion to Islam and discriminated against Christians. Growing up in a Muslim background, he once believed and criticized believers who as he put it, 'betrayed' their original faith. One day, walking through a church's doors, he began to hear the pastor speak to his heart. According to Roman, the words he heard truly touched him so much and surprised him as the healing of God unconditionally began to wash away lifetime guilt. "I never knew the Almighty God loved me even though I am not perfect. That thought of being loved even though I'm not perfect seriously never entered my mind. I always felt guilty and I felt that I had to earn His attention." 

Roman eventually was moved to tears by this revelation and began to give his life to Jesus. Roman stated he never wants to go back to the Muslim faith.

Another formerly devoted Muslim, Fatima, also became a Christian after encountering God. Fatima prayed for relief and healing as fear and anxiety had taken over her, leaving her with nightmares and sleepless nights. Fatima expressed, "I considered myself Muslim and was afraid that it would be a betrayal of Islam to meet Christians, especially during the pure and holy month of Ramadan. I couldn't deal with my emotional condition any longer and decided to go. Everything I heard in that meeting touched my heart, but I refused to accept Jesus, as I didn't want to be guilty of leaving Islam. After two weeks, I understood that my [Muslim] faith couldn't help me. I knew I needed to do something or else the devil would slay me. I went again to the homegroup and accepted Jesus into my heart and asked Him to heal me and my life."

Lastly, Hadija, who had a devout Muslim husband encountered Jesus and secretly worshipped God throughout Ramadan. Hadija came to the realization that God hears her prayers when she speaks to God. "My Great God and Creator could speak to me! IT touched me so deeply." According to Hadija, she hid her bible under her long dress when her husband came in and prayed in the name of Jesus while others were saying Muslim prayers. "Now I pray in the name of Jesus every day. It heals my heart and fills me with love for other people."