Anne Graham Lotz, founder, and president of Angel Ministries and daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham stresses that America must repent.  
"America has a window of opportunity to return to the Lord, but it's just a window, and it's going to close. We're going to find our nation without God, and without Him, we don't have His protection, we don't have His wisdom," Lotz said in an interview. "If we're not careful, we're going to totally lose our way. America will become unrecognizable. The world is a very dangerous place right now. We desperately need God."  

Lotz believes that America is being attacked "socially and racially." She stated, "COVID-19 broke out, the economy experienced a recession, and anarchy swept the streets." Lotz points out that Hurricane Sally, the fires in the west coast, and now political unrest and the pandemic, are all "birth pains," indicating the return of Jesus Christ as foretold in Matthew 24.  
"He said they are like birth pains which means I think they increase in intensity and frequency. So instead of seeing the signs once every hundred years, it's once every 10 years, then every year, and then every month," she explained.

So great are Lotz's concerns that she finally conceded to join her longtime friend and bestselling author Johnathan Cahn at The Return this past Saturday on September 26th. She revealed that Cahn had tried to persuade her to attend these events for many years, "but I always declined. I just didn't feel like revival would come until we were desperate for it." And now, in light of current events around the country, Lotz believes America is truly desperate. "Jonathan kept telling me he felt strongly impressed by the Lord that a call to revival needed to be held in September of 2020. So based on his strong conviction and my belief that we need to return to the Lord, I agreed to participate in The Return..."

The Return this past Saturday was a gathering of tens of thousands of Christians from around the country at the National Mall. It marked a day of repentance and prayer for the country and the world and led into the Washington Prayer March, a 1.8-mile march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building.