Being a Christian in North Korea is extremely dangerous due to the North Korean Regime's intolerance and cruelty. 

A representative from Asia has informed the Christian Non profit Open Doors which is devoted to supporting Christians who are persecuted in over 60 countries, that a new North Korean believer has been arrested.  

A North Korean Refugee explained the dire situation at hand, having himself grown up being told that Christians were evil.  

"We watched the government's propaganda alongside public executions. It told us that Christians wanted to kidnap children and that the cross was a symbol of the devil.  Even in nursery school, we had to bow to the pictures of the first leaders of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung and his son, Kim Jong-Il. The first man I saw executed was a Christian. They said he had smuggled Christian things into the country and had enticed people into the church. The whole village was told to come and watch. The children were allowed to sit at the front to get a good view. It enforced this belief that Christians were dangerous."

Open Doors now urges for Christians around the world to keep this captive North Korean Believer in their prayers. Considering past punishments inflicted upon Christians in North Korea, Open Doors fears that this new member of the Church could be in danger of torture, but hopes that the world's combined prayers could lead to some form of salvation and relief.  

The Open Doors Representative from Asia specifically wrote asking, ""Pray that God will intervene and that he will be released.  If not, we will likely never hear of him again."