On Monday, a fisherman who departed from South Korea near the North's waters had been shot, killed, and burned to death( you already said he was shot and killed, so how can he now be burned to death? Which is it?) by the North Korean troops. The 47-year-old man was later found in the North's waters after the North Korean soldiers shot him, then poured oil over his body and set it alight. The ministry believes it was an 'anti-coronavirus' measure. 

The officials stated the patrol boat was 6 miles away from the border when the North shot the fisherman on Monday. The 47-year-old fisherman is known to be a father of two who left his shoes behind the boat. Seoul mentioned the North Korean patrol boat found the man wearing the life jacket around 15:30 local time. 

South Korea's President, Moon Jae-in left a comment stating the incident cannot be tolerated and urged the North to be 'responsible' over the violent measures. BBC News stated that North Korean officials may be doing everything they can to ensure the country remains unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Secretary-General of the National Security Council stated, "We will firmly respond to any action by North Korea that threatens the life and safety of our people."

Amid the 47-year-old man's death, South Korea's defense ministry said it 'strongly condemned such a brutal act' and strongly urged the North to provide an explanation and punish those who are responsible. According to the AFP News, the military hotline between North and South was cut in June, and the inter-Korean liaison office, which was built to help both sides communicate, was destroyed by North Korea.