Looking up to Franklin Graham's positive idea, Betty and Bob immediately got involved after seeing thousands gather for Prayer March 2020 in Washington, D.C.

Leading their assisted living facility in their own kind of prayer,  the 94-year-old residents of Waterford held a prayer walk similar to Franklin Graham's prayer march. Knowing not many would be involved in their small prayer, Betty exclaimed, "We can get out on campus and we can walk. We can have our own walk." The couple informed how they evangelized through Facetime. Bob stated, "Everyone here has been notified of the walk." 

Encouraging many to come out, evangelize, and pray, Betty and Bob both took the liberty of typing out an invitation and printed a copy. The invitation stated, "bring canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc, or sit on the porch in silent prayer." For elderly couples. Bob and Betty reminded them that they are welcome to bring a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. 

Believing in revival, the couple mainly focused on spiritual, racial, political, and other healings throughout the silent movement. "We pray in hopes of a more unified country for their children. We have gone through the Depression to World WAt 2, and never has there been this device, tear-apart kind of thing." 

Following safety measures, masks and social distancing were used, and residents were able to gather to walk, sit, and pray. "God heals. He answers prayer."