The police in Hong Kong have arrested Joshua Wong, a prominent democracy campaigner in connection with an 'unauthorized assembly.' 

The arrest took place at 1 pm according to Wong's Twitter. The report stated Wong was also accused of breaching an emergency law which brought a protest banning face-coverings in public places. Wong informed reporters after leaving the police station that it is the third case against him. He vowed to continue to resist. Wong also rose to prominence as a student leader during the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests for universal suffrage and is in charge of various relatively minor offenses. 

When coronavirus emerged in the city of Wuhan in December 2019, the anti-mask law targeted protesters who covered their faces to evade recognition on video recordings and CCTV footage. The Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong held up a bail document after leaving the Central police station following his arrest for unlawful assembly. "Risk their freedom for their people's democratic right."

The Chancellor of the University of Oxford stated, "We must all continue to speak up and stand up for Nathan Law and for those who fight for freedom in Hong Kong." 

Pattern, an individual who supported freedom mentioned he will continue to speak out on behalf of Hong Kong. Following the city's democracy movement, Law, who is the youngest lawmaker in Legislative Council welcomed patten's emphasis on the role of several generations in driving the city's democracy movement. 

Joshua Wong Tweeted: "The arrest of one of Hong Kong's most prominent opposition figures for wearing a face mask - at a time when wearing one is compulsory in the city - is yet another example of the government's campaign to silence dissent by any means."