After the devastating Hurricane Laura, DBDR teams have prepared to help with more than 80,000 meals, and relief teams began to shift into response mode. 

The U.S SBDR volunteers provided more than 477,000 meals for the people who were financially broken in the wake of the hurricane. There were many recoveries following Alabama and Florida. Sam Porter, national director of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) stated as a team, they will try their best to see good results. "That's just ben the kind of year that we've had." SBDR continues to proceed with volunteering due to the widespread damage of hurricane Laura as it affected many portions of the state. 

"People don't know what to say when we tell them this is a ministry provided by Southern Baptist churches and that is free."  "We are very grateful for our Southern baptist family and for the prayers and financial support and for being here and being the hands and feet of Jesus when people need to have such a witness." "I am energized every day seeing how God has been providing for our needs with supplies arriving at just the right time. We have about a month left in hurricane season, and Southern Baptists, through SBDR and Send Relief, are together in this as we continue to meet needs." 

SBC announced on Facebook with many photos of the volunteers: "In the wake of Hurricane Sally, we have crews working tirelessly throughout Alabama and Florida. From feeding to chainsaw jobs, volunteers are bringing hope and healing to the region. Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief, pictured below, is hard at work as they help local communities recover from the storm."