Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stated he is lifting all restrictions on businesses statewide and allowing restaurants and bars to operate at full capacity. Florida, known to be the State with major coronavirus spread, only allowed 50% capacity in local restaurants and bars until today. 

The Gov. also mentioned tickets and fines given for not wearing mandatory face coverings will be suspended. Gov.  DeSantis explained although protecting health is important, there should be certain limits upon business and operating hours. He stated, "Every business has the right to operate. Some of the locals can do reasonable regulations but you can't just say no'. 

According to the report, hospitalization for COVID-19 has decreased 76% from the peak compared to the beginning of the pandemic. The cases in Florida are recognized to have dropped steadily now and now are waiting to see more interaction. "Schools have opened, all the theme parks are open, more people have visited." 

NPR reported Broward County Mayor, Dale Holness speaking, "we're hoping that the governor will allow us to have deeper restrictions than the rest of the state We have a greater spread of the virus in South Florida than other parts of the state." 

There have been many concerns and conflicts among the new rules. There also isn't a restriction of capacity in any outdoor activities in Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis shared on Twitter about Flordia's COVID-19 update: "1) COVID+ hospitalizations have declined by 77% since the July peak. 2) COVID+ ICU hospitalizations have declined 72% since the July peak. 3) ED visits for COVID-like illness has declined by nearly 80% since the July peak. 4) Daily hospital admissions for COVID have declined by 81% since the July peak. 5) The percentage of positive diagnostic test results for new cases was reported at 4.32%. 6) 24% of hospital beds are empty; so are 23% of ICU beds."