Tru Beare, a gift from God, was born only weighing 1 pound.

Recognizing not all pregnancies are without trials, the baby was born 14-weeks premature fighting from the very start of her life. Throughout the exciting moment, the baby demonstrated the power of the love of a mother and a father. 

The small warrior, True Beare was kept in an incubator which helped her to stay alive at the Royal Columbian Hospital, in New Westminster, Canda. As Tru began to grow stronger, her mother was able to hold her on the 11th day and father was able to hold her on day 54. Being able to cuddle her for the first time, there was tension and love throughout the beautiful moments. 

Newsner and Facebook reported she graduated from the incubator to the crib after a couple of months and nothing held her back from freely leaving the hospital. Tru was battling with Necrotizing Enterocolitis, two blood clots, chronic lung disease, MRSA, retinopathy, two blood infections including sepsis- a congenital heart defect, and seven blood transfusions. 

The Tru Story stated with love, "Baby Tru, you're so inspiring! We wish you the happiest life and all the very best moving forward." She's a gift unto the world!"