Pastor John MacArthur in Grace Community Church has continued to hold indoor worship services in defiance of restrictions on large indoor gatherings. 

Although the judge allowed and recommended outdoor services, the church ignored the order and continued to follow up with indoor Sunday services as usual. Grace Community Church resumed onsite worship services starting from July 26 and has continued to hold them after the Court issued the preliminary injunction prohibiting them from legally having service indoors. 

The Court hearing will take place in November following the validity of the preliminary injunction order for purposes of the contempt trial. Till today, Thomas More Society represents John MacArthur and The Grace Community Church as they say they should follow a full trial on the merits. John MacArthur stated he will be holding services without any concern and will not fear the outcome.

"The Lord Jesus requires us to meet together and we will continue to do that because we are commanded to and because it is our night." 

"I'll continue to stand firm and we will continue to fight to protect religious freedom for the church." 

"I'm very grateful to Judge Beckloff for providing full due process and recognizing the importance of these constitutional protections." 

Special Counsel Jenna Ellis stated, "This is significant because no person can or should be held in contempt of constitutionally invalid order." 

"Los Angeles County continues to presume that its order is valid, with utter disregard for First Amendment protections."