Open Doors reach out for a prayer upon the couple and their daughter, Lydia to be back home.
(Photo : Open Door)
The couple is already 'emotionally attached' to their adopted daughter, Lydia.

Iran, a predominantly Muslim Country just took away a Christian married couple's adopted baby.  

By following Jesus, Christians in Iran such as Sam and Maryam face hardship due to the consequences that come from being a believer in the land. The judge in Iran stated there will be 'zero chance' she would be adopted by a new family as he mentioned Lydia would face an 'uncertain future' with a good chance that she will spend the rest of her life in the care of the Iranian state. The decision was handed down in July, and the appeal was finalized last week. 

Throughout the court's ruling, the judge still rejected the reasoning of the couples' situation even as One Grand Ayatollah stated Lydia should have the right to choose her own beliefs. According to Open Door, The couple was arrested earlier this year along with other believers. With no additional help, the couple is trying their best to fight the case themselves. 

According to Article 18, Sam was sentenced to a year in prison, followed by two year's internal exile, for 'propaganda against the state'. Both Sam and Maryam were also banned from employment within their specialist professions. Maryam will no longer be permitted to work for any national institution including the hospital she has served for 20 years. Open Door reaches out for a prayer request upon Sam and Maryam's family including the admirable baby Lydia. (Please join your brother and sister in prayer, along with the entire church in Iran.) 

Pray for: -Pray Lydia can stay with her parents. Pray God would do a miracle to keep this family together. -Pray God would comfort Sam and Maryam. We imagine they are devastated after the ruling, pray he would be their peace and their sustaining comfort. -Lift up your sisters and brother in Iran as they seek to live out the gospel in a place that often regards them with suspicion and hate. -Pray God would be at work among His people in Iran. Ask Him to protect Christians, to provide for them, and to equip them to do the good work He has given them to do. -Pray for the leaders of Iran, that their hearts would be softened and that they would see the love and hope of Jesus.