Less than half the UK population are expected to be vaccinated to combat the coronavirus.

A vaccination is almost ready and can be as early as Easter. The Prime minister plans to have it sent out with priority. In Oxford University, the scientists and professional researches are currently working on inoculation and stated it will be approved by the end of the year. Knowing how difficult it is to be approved by the FDA, the University, and the Scientists at the Lab try their best to research the correct measures.  

The government officials believe they will be able to give vaccines through Drive-through so they can do it quickly as possible. Officials stated the vaccine can be used to 53 million British adults in less than six months. Independent shared a calculation of the country's population which shows, "if the country's 53 million adults were all to be vaccinated with two doses within six months, it would mean 600,000 jabs being given every single day. To do the same in three months, it would require 1.2 million doses a day." 

Starting with the priorities who are seniors, nurses, staff, and essential workers, the vaccination would most likely be developed soon successfully. Many are looking forward to the vaccination as it is being tested on animals. Then human testing will be available, the government reported.