Haitian pastor and his wife have been murdered after returning from the missions to build a church and an orphanage. According to the police, the couple was found dead at a home invasion style robbery by an armed gang. The missionaries left five young children who were dearly loved by their only parents. 

Throughout the devastating moment, the children had made a GoFundMe page for support and engagement. The pastor Jean Phillippe, is known to be 57 years old and his wife, Erna Plancher Questant is known to be 54 years old. The married couple have been serving God continuously and were dearly committed to spreading the word of God. 

The children leave a heartbreaking comment upon their parent's misfortune death. The son, Kevin Quetant spoke. "They were in their house where the invader came in and I guess found mom and dad, and shot both of them. The invaders ransacked their home and stole many of their belongings. It just feels surreal." The daughter, Tabitha Quetnat exclaimed with sadness, "They could have just taken everything and left them alone, they wouldn't have done anything. If I could speak to them now, I would just say mom and dad I love you and I thank you so much for the way you raised us." 

The GoFundMe page has raised about $33,006 trying to reach further amount. The family is now depressed and helpless throughout the unexpected death of their parents. 

"The family is desperately working on ways to bring both of their bodies home to Florida so that the family and children can bury them properly and say their final goodbyes. As you can imagine, this situation is beyond heartbreaking. This GoFundMe page was created to keep family and friends informed as the Quetant-Plancher family is dealing with this tragedy. We are asking for prayers during this hard time. Any support or condolences are greatly appreciated."