A Christian kindergarten teacher has been imprisoned for 2 years for illegally teaching religious activities among young children. 

Esther, a former Chinese Kindergarten teacher joined a church in Guanzhou after surviving a devastating car accident in 2007 and started practicing her faith in God. She was forced to flee China after the CCP officials accused her of sharing faith with her students. 

Christian Post mentioned Esther was detained over a day and had to share a bed with 16 other women who were also present. Esther attended Christian summer camps and focused on her work to guide young Christians to practice their faith. The CCP officials warned Esther and reminded her to focus on teaching regular school activities to children instead of searching for religious or 'illegal' activities that were banned in China. 

During the interrogation, Esther asked if she was able to hire a lawyer and officials denied her. Stuck in hunger and fear, Esther's interrogation finally ended at 11 p.m. Esther questioned herself about if there were any material based on the Bible in School. The officials ended up raiding the classroom for evidence and Esther was punished throughout the investigation. 

"I am a Christian, and I taught kindergartener's materials based on the Bible," Esther exclaimed proudly. As a result, the former teacher was charged with 'operating an illegal business' throughout her school year and was watched by the government authorities. Feeling unsafe, Esther has been moving around in different places trying to find a stable place to practice her faith peacefully.

According to the report, there are among 3.5 million children who are practicing their faith in God secretly in China.