During the 'You and Me Both Will Hilary Clinton' podcast, the former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton argued Christianity is 'judgemental'.

Throughout the podcast, Hillary mentioned the young generations are now more focused on equality, freedom, love, transformation, and justice. Clinton stated the Church should 'take a hard look at itself and try to figure out how it can be a real partner in this moment of moral awakening'. Hillary Clinton believes many of the younger generations are currently leaving the church due to the high demand for judgment. Criticizing the Republicans, she stated, 'one political party basically tries to own Christianity'.  

Especially throughout the pandemic, the churches have been filing lawsuits against the State's order for not following the 'First Amendment' there were many concerns about individuals' health. Clinton mentioned the church movement has been affecting the U.S coronavirus rate and increased the confirmed cases but doesn't mention too much about the 'BLM' movement. 

Clinton proclaims that justice and Jesus are the same things as she compares and contrasts the image of the world to God. "Jesus and justice are the same things. You know, to say that Jesus and justice are the same things seems to be so obvious. I mean, how you be a bible reading person, a church-attending person, and not understand how profoundly true that simple phrase really is."

"Christianity has become so judgmental, so alienating that they think to themselves, well I don't need that."