A young 22 law student mother brought a baby into the world, inspiring many people through her struggle.

Before the Child, Chrisitan was born with a Tessier cleft lip and palate, his eyes also didn't fully develop, and he was born blind. The doctors informed the parents that he would not survive and live properly.  Having the courage to bring the baby to light, his mom, Lacey Buchanan tried her best to put Christian out in the world. Today, Christian is inspiring the world with a video prepared by Lacey. Lacey uploaded a video of herself holding Christian while showing cards with his story written on them. Sooner or later, the video went viral and Lacey received many notifications and support from others. She fought for her son's life.Lacey was mocked and devastated by the judgment they faced. One person whom she knew told her to abort the child. "I can't believe that you didn't abort him. Look at his miserable life he's going to have." 

Having hope, in February 2011, the Buchanan family welcomed Christian into the world. Lacey mentioned, "He came out screaming. It was just a beautiful moment. He had surgery at 4 days old to put a feeding tube in." Today Chrisitan is a happy 9-year-old who is healthy just like other kids his age. Lacey shared an encouraging message to everyone who had similar stories. 

"It doesn't mean God makes mistakes. He formed Christian fearfully and wonderfully just like every other human who doesn't have his facial difference. Chrisitan is made in the image of God just like every other person."