Currently, nine out of 10 evangelicals by belief are registered to vote, and few are undecided about their presidential choice.

Many believers state they will vote for President Donald Trump once again this year for the upcoming election. Nashville-based LifeWay Research conducted the chart of Republican and Democrat percentage size for votes. Donald Trump received 61% of evangelicals vote and Biden received 29%. As many are undecided onmm if they will vote, many Americans with evangelical believer's votes are mostly leaning towards Trump. LifeWay Research stated Evangelicals by belief are twice as likely to identify as a Republican of 51% than a Democrat of 23%. Scott McConnell, the executive director of LifeWay Research stated, 'fewer Americans including those with evangelical beliefs are on the fence than at this same point in 2016.'

Even though Trump rolled out the $500B plan for African Americans, they plan to vote for Biden 69%. On the other hand, the White evangelicals say they plan to vote for Trump 73 %. McConnell stated, "One's ethnicity and political party are more powerful in predicting the vote of someone with evangelical beliefs than their shared religious convictions alone. Few Americans with evangelical beliefs will be casting a 'Good Samaritan' vote on election day. Instead, most will vote to benefit those like them or their own family." 

"Evangelical voters are more likely than other registered voters to say they hope their vote most benefits people nationwide who are like them (41 percent to 34 percent) Registered voters with evangelical beliefs are also less likely to say they hope their vote most benefits people our country has failed (15 percent to 24 percent)". In conclusion, President Trump's advantage among evangelicals comes primarily from white evangelicals among whom he leads Biden 73% to 18%. LifeWay research stated.