The Trustees of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) just celebrated God's provision and Southern Baptist faithfulness during the year of pandemic. 

Trustees attended the meeting in person and some participated online. The NAMB President, Kevin Ezell expressed his thankfulness among other believers for the offering after NAMB stopped promoting giving offering due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, many offered as a team and made a huge effect on NAMB. Now the trustees are looking forward to 2021 with a $99.9 million operating budget. Kevin Ezell mentioned in his statement, 

"2020 was the greatest Annie Armstrong Offering in the history of the NAMB. The faithfulness of Southern Baptists is absolutely incredible and to me, never demonstrated better than giving almost $50 million in the midst of an unpromoted Annie Armstrong offering in the midst of a pandemic." 

President Ezell shared the plan for 'Send Relief national mission trips' which will begin in the fall of 2021. "We are trying to get ahead of the growth" 

"We are very excited about putting a good deal of emphasis on our Hispanic church planting, and the reason we are doing it is the demographic projections."

NAMB shared on Twitter:

"In a year with so much challenge and hardship for many, you - Southern Baptists- stepped up to help our missionaries keep the mission moving forward. Thank you for your faithful and sacrificial giving to #AAEO2020!"

"Shane Pruitt: @kevezell: 'To me, it is the greatest Annie Offering ever. For Southern Baptists to have so sacrificially given during a time when most churches were not even meeting for worship is nothing short of a miracle.'The Gospel of Jesus Christ is still good news. Always has been, always will be. The stories from this past Sunday reminded me of why we plant churches and why we must continue to plant churches! @TheSaltNetwork_ @NAMB_SBC"

"Overwhelmed by the faithfulness of Southern Baptists during such a difficult season last spring. On behalf of thousands of missionaries, THANK YOU."