Fuller Theological Seminary, a world-leading religious education center was sued after two students were expelled for having a same-sex engagement. 

To enter FTS, The Fuller Theological Seminary stated the students were required to sign the agreement which states to 'follow faithfully throughout their training ministry and other religious services.' The Seminary learned that the plaintiffs had violated the standards and dismissed them as well as refunded their costs for the classes. Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the world's leading Christian educational institutions which was internationally grown. 

Christian Post stated A former Fuller student Joana Maxon sued the nondenominational seminary, claiming that the school had violated Title IX when expelling her for being in gay marriage. Another former student, Nathan Brittsan was expelled for being in a same-sex marriage, which joined a lawsuit in January. The judge dismissed the lawsuit explaining, "it is well established that courts should refrain from trolling through a person's or institutions' religious beliefs."  

Daniel Blomberg, senior attorney at The Becket Law Firm stated, "Houses of worship and, not government officials should be deciding how to teach the next generation of religious leaders. Personal persuasion, not government coercion, is how the First Amendment allows citizens to engage with religious beliefs they don't like."